Dr. Oz Episode: "The Lazy Girl's Guide to Getting Healthy"

Just to warn my readers, I may offend some people with my thoughts and views about "Dr. Oz".

What ever happened to Dr. Oz anyways? I thought he was helpful with obesity issues and such. Maybe I never paid attention.......

I came home for lunch today and turned on the TV. Dr. Oz is on and decided to keep it on this channel while I was prepping my spinach salad, made with 1 egg, 3 oz chicken, balsamic and olive oil(pretty healthy hey?)

5 minutes into the show, I wish I could put my hand through the TV, shake some sense in the 3 women on the stage and slap Dr. Oz in the face for promoting such garbage!

Dr. Oz is known for promoting miracles in a bottle, which of course he did in this episode. He always targets the mid-30 to early 40 mother with weight issues and who have "no time" to eat healthy or cook healthy meals.

First thing Dr. Oz did that made me want to smash my TV, is tell these lazy women that they can stay fit and eat whatever they want! He did mention calories, which is a good point and good thing he did say this as the Dr. Oz crew brought out Chinese food, Mexican food and a box of pizza. He did not explain portion sizes at all as he drops the large pizza right in front of the drooling women sitting on his couch. Not to mention the sodium, extra fat and carbs in these types of foods, but according to the genius Dr. Oz, these foods have protein so that is good enough in his eyes. The Chinese food that they had on the show was only protein and veggies, but loaded with sauces. He called the foods "low carb". Sorry Dr. Oz, as far as I know, pizza and burritos are not low in carbs, fat or sodium.

ON national television, these women start digging in and I am pretty sure they are thinking to themselves "this is great! I must be getting skinny if Dr. Oz says this works". There are many people out there looking for the "quick fix", which does not exist. Not the healthy way anyways. Women especially look for the quick fix, and want to hear that they don't have to give up fast food and other junk. One woman even said she never cooks dinner, eats what her husband makes and he brings it over to her on the couch. Wow.

Second thing Dr. Oz did that made me want to punch him, he brings out the chocolate. That is not why I wanted to punch him. I do agree with him about how dark chocolate is very healthy because of the antioxidants and the flavanoids found in the chocolate, BUT, again portion sizes are not mentioned as he hands each woman a whole bar of chocolate that they immediately start shoveling in their faces!

Third thing Dr. Oz does that makes me realize he may be causing more obesity then curing it, is he tells these women that they do not have to workout at all. He told these naive women all they have to do is stand at work a bit more then sitting and, read this, go use someone else's toilet because they won't sit on it and will cause them to squat. Well, as funny as that sounds, these "lazy girls" are so lazy that I am sure that sitting on someone else's toilet is not going to be a problem.

Did I mention that Dr. Oz called them "true lazy girls"? Sounds like an insult to me.

Ladies, if you think that you are going to get your dream body by following the advice of this quack, then I want you to give your head a shake, put your running shoes on and start your new "lazy girls" workout with a walk around your neighbourhood. I can guarantee that you will burn more calories then "standing" at work or squatting over a toilet a few times per day.


  1. I can't agree with you more! I once saw an episode of Dr. Oz where he was promoting processed food after processsed food to women who were "too busy to cook." Last I heard, Dr. Oz was a cardiologist, not a nutritionist, kinesiologist, or dietician. Why is it that physicians think they know it all? I had a physician tell me that I didn't need "all those supplements"....hello? Do you weight train to sculpt your body competitively?...yeah, this post is terrific Angelique, and is making it very hard for me to get off my soap box...however, I am climbig down now...this is me climbing down...

  2. haha sweet! Thanks for reading Sandra =)

  3. Angelique, I have too seen numerous shows of Dr Oz, where he do show healthy foods to eat but never promote portion control and THIS is crucial in healthy living (weight loss). I'm not a US citizen, so I did not see the episode you discuss here, but I can say that Dr Oz can be wrong sometimes as well.

  4. I used to think he was interesting to watch and had some good stuff on his show, but wow that was a terrible episode! Made me lose respect for him and his show


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