Early Morning Plyometrics

Monday morning I had to do fasted cardio, but because I had a busy day and gone from 9am to 8pm, I didn't want to leave even earlier. So instead of going on the treadmill, I rolled out of bed and did some Plyometrics in my living room instead.

I did this 2x and took about 20 minutes because I had to stop and think about what to do next since I was half asleep. 20 minutes of plyometrics is good enough for 630am in my opinion.

50 jumping jacks
20 jump squats
50 skater jumps
20 burpees
50 high knee stationary run
20 in and out jump squats (Dorothy squats I like to call them)
50 mountain climbers
20 butterfly jumps(I think it's called)
50 alternating jump lunges
20 1/2 burpees

After this workout I had my chocolate espresso oatmeal, which is my last post in case you missed it!