Exercise and Weight Loss Myths

This morning on 103.9 The Juice, I discussed exercise and weight loss myths. Here is the run down of what we discussed.

"Spot reducing"
You can't crunch your way to a six pack. Start cardio, weight training and eat healthy, fat will be burned everywhere including your stomach.

"Lemon juice diet"
Not only will you be starving, you may pass out and have to go to emergency if you last more then 2 days on this diet. There is also a salt water flush, and a laxative tea. All you lose on this diet is water weight and  gain it back right away plus more when you eat again.

"the more exercise the better"
Many people believe that if some exercise is good, more is better. Keep in mind that the body does not experience muscle growth in the weight room. Without rest, the body never has a chance to rebuild and regenerate.

"Fat burners"
A Lean body does not come in a pill. Before and after pictures of people is not proof of the fat burners working. Even on the bottles it states "along with diet and regular exercise". People claim they work, but is it because of the pills or lifestyle changes?

"You can eat anything you want as long as you exercise"
A treat once in a while is great, but not everyday. You can exercise for hours on end and you might stay skinny on a diet of Big Macs and Twinkies, but you’ll get much more from your exercise sessions by fuelling your body with good food.

"women that lift weights become bulky like men"
Testosterone is a major building block for muscle and women produce much less than men. You would have to train extremely hard, and eat loads of calories in order to put on all that extra muscular bulk. Muscle increases your metabolism and will increase your daily caloric burn.