Fun Ways To Burn Extra Calories

Put Me Away!

There are many different, fun and some helpful ways to burn a few extra calories in the day. Here are a few ideas.

1. Ditch the elevator and run up the stairs.
Why not make a sport out of the stairs in your building? See how fast you can run up them and time yourself. Try to beat your record.

2. Make a game out of returning your shopping cart.
Nothing is more annoying then shopping carts all over the parking lots(especially Costco, grrr). What I do is run to the cart return station and smash the cart in as hard as I can. True story! Sometimes I pick up stray carts along the way. People stare, but I don't care. At least I am not being lazy and pushing the cart beside the parked cars.

3. Park far and run to your location.
We all have heard that we should park far from our destination, but why not run? I do that too. Yes I know, I am the crazy girl that runs everywhere.

4. Volunteer at your local pet shelter and run with the dogs!
Help out your homeless friends and take them for a run. Or play with the cats, your furry friends will be happy!

5. Walk and lunge.
When you go for your daily walk, why not add some walking lunges? Change it up and tighten up those legs!

Use your imagination. What else can you come up with?