There is Always One In The Crowd.....

Did I Ask For YOUR Opinion?

No matter how good of a person you are, or how helpful you try to be, or how positive you want to be with life,there is always that one person who has to be negative, or just has to say something to try to rain on your happy parade.

Unfortunately that is life and how people are. I have learned to grow a thick skin over the years and now I start to find it amusing when people lash out at something I have said, or done, especially when their opinion really does not matter.

People like to be negative, especially when their lives are not going the way that they have hoped or planned. It's too bad because that is when they should change whatever it is that is not making them happy in life, instead of getting angry or saying awful things to others.

My conclusion is, when something is really getting you down whether its your job, your weight, your spouse, a friend and it's making your life miserable, deal with it and make a change! No one will do it for you that's for sure.


  1. You got that right. Pride will never let the humbleness show. Some need to make changes but some are too proud to ask for guidance. Negative minds search for minds like ours to destruct.

  2. So true, thanks for the feed back!


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