Never Give Up

This comes from a post that I put up on my Facebook fan page

I was teaching my regular group fitness class last night and I had 3 new people in my class. I love new people but usually they do not know what to expect, and I always pre-warn them and let them know that the class can become intense and they should try their best and take breaks when needed.

Last night I had a new record from one of the new girls in class. Less then 10 minutes in, she quit! The quitting part is not what shocked me, I am shocked that she barely gave the class 10 minutes before she called it quits.

This woman looked absolutely shocked and dumbfounded when I had the participants, including myself, do some jumping jacks in between sets of squats and shoulder presses. She clutched at her chest like she was about to die and stared at me like I was this crazy instructor who just crawled out of the pits of hell, and had devil horns sticking out my forehead.

I did recently pick up the new nickname "Devilique", but that's another story...

I am annoyed about how fast she quit. She didn't even give herself a chance to do her best. She was there with a friend too, and her friend busted her butt the entire time, and she was new as well! This woman grabbed her cell phone and walked out. Funny thing is, she actually came back at the end of her class to put her stuff away. At least she wasn't rude about leaving her weights on the floor.

Moral of the story is, no matter how out of shape we are, there is no sense in giving up. We all have to start somewhere! I remember when I started with exercise. I started jogging to get myself into shape before I joined the gym. One day I decided to try a drop in ashtanga yoga class after my jog, and the next day I had to call in sick to work because I could not move. I couldn't even get out of bed! I still didn't quit and went back to that yoga class for months!

Don't be the quitter. If need be, take extra breaks and try again. I guarantee you will have more respect from everyone if you stay and try the class as best as you can. You don't want to be the quitter who walked out because things got a little tough, looks pretty stupid.


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