7 Weeks Out!

I am 7 weeks out from the BC Provincials! I am very excited and never thought I would switch to bikini. In my mind for the last 12 years, I always wanted to be a figure girl, so to switch over to bikini was a big step for me.

I decided to do something different this year to keep me sane, and that is to not weigh myself or take my body fat test. Many competitors and coaches let the numbers on the scale determine how they will do. I have done this to myself so many times, and realized not only is this unhealthy, it's depressing and brutal emotionally. The first show I won I was actually 3lbs heavier then I normally am so what does that say about focusing on weight?

I have been enjoying pushing myself and playing around with new recipes to make my food interesting. I refuse to eat plain chicken with dried out veggies! Over the years, the diets people do for these competitions have given the bodybuilding world a bad name. People think we all eat chicken and cucumbers for 12-20 weeks, and this is not true at all. This is why I post so many recipes :)

May 19th all my girls will be competing at the novice show here in Kelowna, and hopefully a few of them place high enough to join me for provincials. They have all been working so hard! Makes me wish my competition was this close!

I will also be shooting with Joseph Lindstrom in Seattle in a few weeks, and I am very excited about this. He is a well established fitness and glamour photographer with a great reputation in the fitness industry. He has photographed fitness models like Jamie Eason, and her pictures always look perfect :)

Hopefully I do well enough to place for Nationals, but if not its all good. I need a long break anyways, which will give me time to work on a few projects I have been putting off for a while now. Let's hope these 7 weeks go by fast!

I hope my hair flies like this magically on stage!


  1. Good luck in your prep and in bikini Im on the same page as you I don't do the crazy dried out chicken diet anymore the last few years contest prep,as been so much easier especially this year I'm coming in heavier and fuller and I'm eating the way I eat 365 days a year , I think we play these unhealthy mental games with our selves and think if we are not suffering from a crazy Extereme diet we will do do well so not true.
    Good luck to your team and your upcoming show

  2. Thank you Trish :) I agree. It's all so unnecessary what we put ourselves through


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