Feeling Unmotivated?

So many people feel unmotivated and lose focus on their fitness and health, especially during the summer months when we all want to look good. I cannot stress enough how important it is to stay on track; not just to look good, but for your health and overall wellness.

Here are a few tips to keep you on track.

1. Find new ways to exercise
You don't have to be stuck in the gym. Go outside and enjoy the weather! Run at the track, go for a hike, play at the park. Do whatever it takes to keep yourself interested.

2. Hire a trainer
Need an extra push? Hire a trainer. This is always a great way to keep yourself motivated. Also spending money is a great motivator. You don't want to waste your sessions!

3. Get an accountabili-buddy
Find a friend that needs help as well and meet them for workouts, and keep each other on track with your diet. This is a great idea from a client today, text each other what you are eating and compare notes!

4. Set a goal
If you have a goal in mind, set a date when you want to achieve this goal by. Even if it's a small goal like doing 10 full pushups. You can't reach this goal if you don't work at it.

5. Think of your family
You can't be strong for your family if you are sick and weak. Stay healthy and strong for them too!

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