Healthy is Attractive

Everyday people struggle with food. Society today is terrible with pushing bad food in our faces. Everywhere you turn there is a fast food place, or the next new frozen junk food in the grocery store. It's awful to think about all the people that are addicted to these foods. They put their health and lives at risk to eat this way. I see children at a young age that weigh as much as I do, and their parents are basically disabled. For what pleasure? Food? It's quite sad.

Its truly remarkable how much money people spend on themselves to enhance their attractiveness. They spend thousands of dollars on clothes, cars, makeup, and plastic surgery, but sacrifice their health and looks for yellow and brown food greasy and salty foods that smells foul in my opinion. Lives are ruined by food, to the same degree as the lives of smokers, alcoholics and drug addicts because of their misguided choices.  Health is attractive. Sexually, we are drawn to healthy people, because those are the ones that attract us. It may sound shallow, but it's true. This character of human nature enhances the chances that a relationship between man and woman will result healthy offspring.

Obesity is a sign of malnutrition and poor health. There is no way physically possible that a person can become obese being active and eating healthy all the time. If an individual is obese, they are doing something terribly wrong with their food choices.

In my youth I started the day with hot chocolate, sugary cereal and pastries for breakfast. I frequented fast food restaurants, and usually ended my day with 2-4 beers. Not everyone had this lifestyle at a young age, but on the other hand most people I know now allow at least one of these over indulgences in their lives, and that is usually high fat high carbohydrate foods. Unfortunately, attempts at moderation result in continued recurring failures only because we tend to set goals too large to achieve rather then small achievable goals. One small change at a time is the key to success.

We all need to make choices in life, and we need to learn how to control our behavior and actions with food. It's not the end of the world if you cannot eat burgers and fries everyday, and it's not the end of time if you cannot eat cookies and cake everyday either. We all need to give our heads a shake and say to ourselves "stop this craziness!"

Moderation is the key, and when we can learn how to balance moderation with everyday life, then this is when everyone can learn to be happy with themselves and have a happy life.