If You Want To Look Like a Fitness Model.....

Here I am about to head off to Vancouver to do my 11th competition. 11! Sometimes I wonder if it's obsession or I am just plain crazy, lol! But that's for another blog.....

Every girl I meet lately wants to compete and wants to look like a fitness model. Only problem is that they cannot give up their bad habits, and also their workouts are a struggle.

When I was 23 years old, I was in the worst shape of my life. I drank a lot of alcohol and ate bad food all day everyday. I was depressed and sick almost everyday of my young life. When I say bad food, I really mean it! No one believes me because they judge me by the way I look now. My diet consisted of sugary cereal or even ice cream for breakfast, deep fried potato wedges or calzones for lunch and mac and cheese or perogies for dinner. Not one fruit or vegetable in sight, and never any protein. It's a wonder how I didn't suffer malnutrition. Maybe I did.

One day it hit me and I had a "WTF" moment when I realized what I was doing to myself. I decided to change. I didn't know where to start until I picked up my first Oxygen magazine. I decided right then and there I would turn my life around. I decided I wanted to look like these girls everyday of my life.

12 years later I believe I accomplished my goal.

Was it hard? Damn rights it was! I messed up all the time, but I never gave up. My workouts were consistent which kept me motivated. I never took a week or two off from the gym, never! As soon as I started I was hooked. It was food and alcohol that got in the way.

When I finally figured out what worked for me, that is when the real transformation started. When you start to see progress in all your hard work, the more motivating it becomes and the less you want to mess up with poor choices with food.

My question is, are you willing to make sacrifices to get the body you desire? I am not saying to eat strict 100% everyday like a competitive bodybuilder, but what I am saying is change your eating habits for most days of the week. It's all about finding balance with food, workouts, and your social life.

You CAN have a great body without becoming an obsessive mess about food, and you can maintain a great body with a REALISTIC life style.

My 1st tip that I use everyday is to stick with real, wholesome food. Real food does not come in a wrapper or a drink. Unfortunately society has become lazy and food is bought through a window or in a package, and food labels such as "low in fat" trick people into thinking these foods are healthy. Eat fruit, vegetables, whole grains, and real protein like chicken, fish and eggs.

My 2nd tip, stop eating junk! You know what junk is, don't pretend you don't! You are in denial if you expect abs when you are washing down your Kit Kats with a can of coke after your run.

My 3rd tip, pack your food everywhere you go. I never leave home without my meals, and if I am heading out on a road trip, my cooler comes with me. If you always have healthy food with you, you won't make bad choices. There are no excuses to eat bad food if you pack your food with you.

The choice is yours. Either you want it bad enough to make the change or you don't. If you don't, you can't feel sorry for yourself in 10 years when you are unfit and unhealthy and hate the way you look. If I can do it, so can you!

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