1 Week to Nationals

Here I am about to wrap up my competition season, at Nationals! I never expected to get to this level, and definitely did not expect to place 2nd at Provincials to get me here!

Now I want it bad! I am excited to go to Nationals and compete against Canada's best athletes. I should feel pressured, but I don't for some reason. I feel quite relaxed, just like I did at Provincials.

Its fun and exciting because I get to be part of Team BC, and I get a track suit to represent my Province, just like a sports team! Along with my track suit, my fees get waived for being a first time National competitor. How cool is that?

I have done as much as I possibly could to look my best, now its smooth sailing until Nationals. Of course I want to win and get my IFBB Pro Card and start competing as a pro(my dream since forever it feels like), but everyone that goes to Nationals wants the same thing. I would be just as happy to get top 5 to go straight back to Nationals next year =)