Exercise Should Be Fun!

Guess what? I like to exercise and think its really fun!

Maybe some of you are reading this and you think "she's nuts".

To me exercise should be fun, and when it's fun and challenging, it's easier to stick with and gets you to crave that high that comes with exercise. The high that makes you feel like you can do anything you want because you are fit and strong! If I wasn't fit and strong, I wouldn't have been able to do "the tarantula" up the bleachers at the apple bowl the other day. I wouldn't have even tried to attempt it.

When you are not fit or strong, most likely you won't want to do anything. You won't even want to walk up the stairs or around your neighborhood. I have been there at one point in my life, and it truly sucks.

Being fit is the way of my life, and it should be for everyone. Perhaps if we were all fit, we would all be happier and healthier.

- Angelique K


  1. For me, exercise is also this way. Fun. And if I see that my exercise gets too easy for me, I know it's time to change it up otherwise I get bored, not fun anymore and not challenging either.


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