Personal Fitness Challenge

August 14th I decided I was going to challenge myself and see how strong I can get over the next 3 months. I decided I was going to work on my squats, bent over barbell rows, wide grip unassisted pull ups, shoulder press and bench press.

Every 2 weeks I will post results, August 14th results were:

Squats: at the squat rack 100lbs plus the bar, 8 reps
Bent over rows: at the squat rack, 70lbs plus the bar at 5 reps
Wide grip pull ups: 6 reps
Bench press: have not tried yet
Standing shoulder press: at squat rack, 20lbs plus the bar
Seated dumbbell press: 30lbs, 8 reps

First week of September:

Squats: up 10lbs
Bent over rows: same weight
Wide grip pull ups: same reps
Bench press: have not done this yet, need to get on this ASAP
Standing shoulder press: up 5lbs
Seated dumbbell press: the same, need a spotter because I know I can do more
Bicep hammer curls: threw this one in, did 5 reps with 30lbs dumbbells. Didn't know I could do that.

Will I sparkle when I get stronger? If I do I will definitely wear this outfit!

Question: What is your personal fitness challenge?

- Angelique K