Random Workout

I was in Montreal visiting my family, and of course I had to workout while I was here. Went to the gym a few times, took a spin class, it was fun!

Saturday morning I was up early after I had a few glasses of red wine.....with my sister the night before. I decided I needed to have a hard workout. I didn't have time to go to the gym since I was going to a wedding in a few hours, so by chance I decided to play with my new iPhone and found an interval timer, which I downloaded.

I decided to do some running intervals, and when I realized quickly how boring it was, I decided to change it up to 1 minute sprints and 1:15 minute walking lunges. I completed this in 20 minutes and finished up with more walking lunges, traveling side squats and frog jumps for all of my sister's neighbours to watch hahaha!

I had a great workout! The effects of the wine was soon a thing of the past....

- Angelique K