San Diego, a Trip of Many Firsts

Wow I love California! I travelled all the way to Anaheim, California and down close to the border of Tijuana, Mexico. Hot, beautiful and many active and fit people on the beach! I plan on retiring here one day :)

I had a few firsts on this trip; I went for a beach walk earlier in the week out in Del Mar, California, and found some stairs. Needless to say I ended up running stairs in my bikini bare foot. 2 firsts in one day. Just had to do it!

On another beach day out at Imperial Beach, Chula Vista area, I was bit by a parrot. A parrot! The guy who owned this parrot was late to tell me not to pet his wings. I wish I knew this before I bled down my arm.

Went to Disney Land for the first time in my life. I feel as if I am the only person in the world that has never been. Met some of the classic disney characters and some fun rides. 5 hours was good enough =)

Today was my last day in San Diego, and we headed out to Pacific Beach, which is a very popular beach.

Today was kind of a creepy day; not only was it super foggy out in San Diego, when we rolled up to the beach, there were 3 life guard trucks by the shore line and I realized that they fished out a poor soul tangled in the sea weeds. Never seen a body bag before, so again was a first for me. People went on their day and I wasn't sure if they had no idea what was going on or if they were used to this kind of thing.

I didn't get a workout in, and since today was a foggy day, I decided to do a beach workout instead of working on my tan:

Pacific Beach Workout

40 walking lunges
40 walking side squats
20 leap frogs
40 forward moving jump lunges
20 sand worms(formally inch worms, but you get it)
4x sprints
20x push-ups
Plank with 20x knee to opposite elbow
20 star jumps

I am not really sure if it was the moisture from the creepy fog on the beach or if I actually broke in a sweat, but overall a good, fast and hard workout!

- Angelique K