Legs and Shoulders; my favourite workout

Smashed legs and shoulders, yet again. You want a tight butt? Train legs. You want shape on your legs? Train legs. You want your whole body to grow, raise your testosterone and HG levels naturally? Train legs....guys....

500 walking lunges, knee down to floor, no breaks

Leg press start with 45lbs plates on each side, adding weights for each set
15/12/10/8 strip all the weights for 30 reps
SUPERSET 12 straight arm lateral raises
SUPERSET 30 alternating jumping lunges
5 sets each

Squats at the squat rack, light weight. This is called 28's, got this from Joe Donnelly Fitness.

7 deep squats, 7 slow deep squats(5 counts down , 5 counts up), 7 deep 1/2 squats(keeping low, avoid standing all the way up, this one hurts), 7 regular squats
SUPERSET front to back shoulder press with the squat rack bar(I did around 16)
4 sets

Straight leg dead lifts with squat rack bar, light weight, 20 reps
Standing one arm dumbbell shoulder press 20lbs, 15 reps each side
15 jump squats
4 sets

One leg cable Glute kickbacks 15 reps each leg
Low cable bent over one arm reverse fly 15 reps light weight
4 sets

- Angelique K