2013 just started and it's been a great year so far! I started working at a new, more positive gym in Kelowna: Body and Soul Health and Fitness. The owner is great and we work well together. I am able to set my own prices, which are much cheaper than at your big chain gyms, and I make more money. So all around this new change is great for me and for my clients! My clients do not have to tie themselves down with thousands of dollars worth of training because we can do whatever we want :)

I am still writing for Welcome to Kelowna, which has been a great experience for me. I feel as if I have really developed my writing skills, and hope to make some sort of career in writing in the future. I am also hoping that my writing has helped a few people change their outlook on health and fitness.

The biggest news so far this year....I was published in the February issue of Oxygen Magazine! It's been so amazing! Oxygen Magazine has been part of my life for 13 years, and this magazine is the reason why I started a healthy lifestyle. To be part of this magazine is just an amazing experience!

I have a huge trip coming up, I will be away for 1 month traveling around Central America. So exciting! I love new countries and new culture! I have so much planned and I'm sure I will run out of time again before I do everything I want.

I am also in my best friends wedding party in Mexico this year, and I am looking forward to this too. It's going to be a lot of fun, and she is really going out of her way planning fun activities for all her guests to enjoy. Because I am not a resort person anymore, we decided to arrive early and stay at a little hotel for 4 days before staying at the resort for 4 days. And of course I already have many plans for this trip too!

I am going to be a new auntie any day now, so I will need to plan a trip out to Montreal this year to see my new nephew. First boy in the family! My dad must be thrilled :)

As for my own goals, I'm just concentrating on lifting, eating clean and having fun. This year I may try out the "Tough Mudder", in June. This event is held in Whistler BC, and I am definitely overdue for a Whistler trip. I love that place!

Train hard everyone, don't ever give up on your goals!

- Angelique K