Adventures of MsFitBC: 2 days in San Miguel/Playa Coyote

Before we headed out of Playa Grande, we decided to take advantage of this beautiful beach one last time and go for a run and explore a part of the beach that we didn't get a chance to go see. We did some body weight exercises since I missed the gym; walking lunges, frog jumps, push-ups and jump lunges.

After a yummy breakfast, we said goodbye to the amazing Playa Grande, but I was very happy to leave our dumpy hotel room behind. Goodbye Playa Grande Inn!

We headed south to the San Miguel area. The landscape started to get greener down this way which was nice to see. After almost 2 1/2 hours of driving we found a beautiful beach in an area called Playa Carrillo. Amazing! We had to stop and jump in. No one was around, and the beach was immaculate with amazing aqua waters.

After 1/2 hour of playing around, we decided we better hit the road. About 15 minutes later the road changed into gravel. At first we were not concerned until the GPS took us to a river. Then we started wondering what we got ourselves into.

Since we are not driving a 4x4, we had to slow down to about 30k. We drove 1 hour on a bumpy, hilly, gravel road. We thought it would never end! Finally we found our hotel and it was a 5 star resort in the middle of no where!

We couldn't believe it since the price was the same as the dump we just stayed at in Playa Grande. We were quiet shocked. The rooms were beautiful, the service was outstanding and the food was amazing!

After a delicious breakfast, we did a 1.5 kilometre run down to Playa San Miguel to catch the sunset and walk along the beach. Another beautiful beach! I'm starting to think this is a common thing in Costa Rica. I haven't seen a beach yet that I haven't liked.

We swam a bit but I was a little sketched out since I saw a washed up jelly fish, and after being stung a lot last year in Thailand, I am a little paranoid, so I decided to go back on dry land.

Back at the room we had a hot shower. It felt amazing since our last place had freezing cold water for 3 days. A big shower and a big bathroom was a nice change. We had a good sleep on a comfy, non-creaky bed.

Little did I know I would be woken up at 4:30am with the sounds of the forest and farm animals. I cannot believe how loud the animals were! Birds, roosters, dogs and monkeys kept me awake and by 6am I realized that I would not be sleeping anymore, so I decided to join them outside with some coffee.

We headed down to Playa Coyote, and parked in a deserted part of the jungle. When we walked to the beach, it was an "OMG" moment. I thought Playa Grande was big! Playa Coyote was huge! It just stretched out as far as you can see, and the beach was so wide. Pelicans and some large red crabs filled this deserted beach. We just walked around stunned. I regretted not having my iPad with me because its the easiest way to post my pictures right away.

We walked around and explored caves and volcano rock formations. After 2 hours of this, it was time to head back and eat lunch.

We decided to stay at the resort for the night and get a good rest since we had about a 6 hour drive ahead of us the next day to La Fortuna, home of the famous Arenal volcano!

- Angelique K