Adventures of MsFitBC: 5 days in Manuel Antonio

After I hit the gym in La Fortuna and had a delicious breakfast, we hit the road to go south to Manuel Antonio national park. After 5 hours of driving through the mountains, fog and slow traffic, we finally made it! And boy was it super hot!

We booked into a hotel called the Blue Monkey, and as soon as we checked in we realized we had to check out the next day because it was too far from the beach. We are here for the beach after all! Too bad because it kind of was a cute place, and the hotel owners raised money to preserve wildlife and the rain forest. Plus I liked their hotel cat "Valentina". She was found in a garbage can and saved last year on Valentine's day.

We moved to the Manuel Antonio hotel, and it was the best location! Right cross from the National Park and the beach. We basically paid for the location.

Manuel Antonio is my favourite spot in this whole trip. It had everything: beautiful clean beach, beach vendors that sold fruit and beers, surfing, parasailing, right by the national park, restaurants, shopping, lots of monkeys and right in the middle of the jungle.

We had some really good beach workouts, great food, great hiking and great beach time. I got my best tan here! The national park was great too, but way too touristy. We managed to find a hiking trail away from the crowds, and found amazing views at the top.

I finally saw a sloth, but it was so far away that I had to use binoculars. I am a little disappointed because I imagined sloths everywhere in Costa Rica. But there sure were a lot of monkeys! Never saw so many in my life.

Manuel Antonio also had a great beach to watch the sunset and go for evening walks. It's pretty normal in Costa Rica to have the beach filled with people watching the sunsets. We were also happy to be at a beach where you can actually go for an evening stroll. Unfortunately Costa Rica has a bad rep for unsafe beaches at night, but I did not feel this way here.

5 days later, we had to say goodbye to this amazing area and had to hit the road again. Next Jaco!

- Angelique K