Adventures of MsFitBC: 3 days in Playa Tamarindo

We did the 3 1/2 hour drive from Jaco to Tamarindo, and along the way had a few adventures. We stopped at the famous Crocodile bridge just outside of Jaco. Very cool! The locals from this by making it an attraction, so you will find shopping, snacks, and bathroom facilities.

The Tarcoles bridge is very long, with many people walking on it peering over. I can't believe how many crocodiles there are!

This doesn't even explain how many crocodiles there were. I didn't even go to the other side of the bridge. Watch my YouTube video here:

On our way to Tamarindo, and we decided to take a route that the GPS didn't give us, and ended up regretting it. Back on an unpaved road! Note to self: listen to the Garmin.

Because of our very bumpy shortcut, we did arrive early to Tamarindo, so we were able to check in and hit the beach before dinner.

Tamarindo is a small town with lots to offer. Lots of shopping, restaurants and activities. We even found a gym down the street from our hotel! I was very excited to hit the gym.

We went on lots of beach walks, runs, explored the nearby beaches and watched the sunset.

Watch my Playa Tamarindo video here:

Tamarindo also had a parade of some sort when we were walking around. Not too sure what the festivities were about, and we ended up seeing the same parade in Liberia. Watch the video here:

Our last day was the best way to end our trip to Costa Rica. We signed up for a catamaran tour through a Canadian company called Sailing Hibiscus catamaran sailing tours. They were awesome! The tour was 4 hours long, and this huge catamaran only had 15 people on it. The captain told me that usually there are 40 people on the catamaran, so we lucked out. We had unlimited drinks and food, and we sailed around and watched the manta rays jump out of the water. So cool! We stopped for a bit to go snorkelling, which my husband and I did for 1 hour, even though I was stung by a jellyfish. Everything was all good until I swam into more jellyfish, which I didn't even see them. I was repeatedly stung so I had to get out of the water. Those darn jellyfish ruined my snorkelling fun!

Evil jellyfish

After the stings finally eased and my adrenaline lowered a bit, I finally relaxed again. We sailed back into the sunset with soothing music. I laid back in the front of the catamaran and enjoyed my time. What a great night! I will post my tour pictures and videos when I get home.

We checked in at the Hilton across from the airport the next day, and had an early flight to Phoenix the last day of February. My adventure is not over yet! 4 nights in Arizona!