Interview on Real Talk Real Women

Finally my interview is out on "Real Talk, Real Women"!

Miriam Khalladi first contacted me through email and I had no idea that this website existed. What a great site! All the women on here share their struggles and journey to fitness, and I am with some of the top fitness women like Tosca Reno! What an honour!

Check out Miriam's website and my interview

- Angelique K


  1. I love how you state that woman need to realise what hard work is put in by what you do. I now are striving for something similar than what you do. My trainer gave me a meal plan and boy, it's looks hard but I am more than willing to push through. Just like I pushed through in losing 101lbs.
    I also like where you say that you still have some chocolate or a glass of wine but not like you used to because you like the way you look and feel now. That's exactly how I feel about my journey this far and by feeling this way, I have lost friends who don't understand this.
    Loved the interview.

    1. Thank you for watching! Really means a lot! I have lost friends over my healthy lifestyle too, it is strange but people can't relate. Keep doing what you are doing!


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