Legs and Shoulders

Today felt like a legs and shoulders kind of day, with super sets of course. This workout, if done properly, should leave you sweating and your ass kicked. None of this 5 minute breaks between sets garbage. You want results, stop wasting time in the gym with hours of cardio and train hard!

Take very little breaks and have a 1 minute break before next set of exercises

Barbell squats at the squat rack: one warm up set with just the bar 15 reps
4x8 reps heavy
SUPERSET straight arm lateral raises: 4x15


Walking lunges 25lbs dumbbells or more: 4x20 reps each leg
SUPERSET straight leg dead lift: same weight 4x15

(This girl is not using heavy enough weight)

SUPERSET standing dumbbell shoulder press: 4x10 same weight or a challenging weight

Hack squat: heavy weight 4x8 reps

SUPERSET plyometric lunges: hop up and down in a lunge position, 4x20 each leg

SUPERSET dumbbell reverse fly: 4x12


One leg push down on assisted pull-up machine: 4x10 each leg, heavy

SUPERSET Barbell one legged dead lift: 4x12 each leg(I used a 50lbs barbell)
SUPERSET Barbell behind the neck shoulder press: 4x10(I used a 30lbs barbell)


Standing cable glut kickbacks: 4x6 heavy, drop set 6-8 more reps
SUPERSET jump squats 4x20

SUPERSET one arm cable lateral raises, straight arm, 4x10, light weight


Seated machine shoulder press: 2 drop sets, 2 rounds 6-8 reps, heaviest to lightest weight, no breaks


Seated leg extensions: 3 drop sets, 8/10/15 heaviest to lightest weight, no breaks

- Angelique K