Battle Ropes!

I love battle ropes! I forgot what a great workout they are.

Here is an explanation about Battle Ropes from Sports Nutrition Insider.

"What are these Battling Ropes, and aside from looking really cool to use, what can they do for you? Well, if you want to know the real scoop on something, you go right to the source, and that’s just what I did. I had the honor of talking to Mr. John Brookfield (world record holding strong man known as ‘Mr. Hands’), inventor and pioneer of The Battling Ropes System, and got the low down on this amazing piece of equipment.

As a world record holder athlete, John was searching for something that could help to build and sustain power, but over time. It had dawned on him that hurricanes generate unyielding power in waves, and he determined that ‘waves’ can be produced with ropes. The Battling Ropes System was born. Within the entire system, there are seven concepts of the non-momentum style training, each system stemming from the ‘velocity + strength and speed together’ ideology. Although each system uses different applications of the Battling Ropes, simply looking for a great workout from using any of John’s systems will help you to achieve stress relief; better concentration and coordination in motor function; enhanced focus and motivation; increased muscular endurance & sustained work capacity by helping to push out lactic acid. It’s safe; anyone can do it and it’s visually motivating as well. Having used them at the Bridgewater Sports Arena here in Central NJ where he trained himself, as well as varying populations of clients, people will stop to watch him make the waves and want to give it a try. The Battling Ropes come in one and a half, to two inch thick manila, or polyester styles which you can use indoor, or outside. The thicker the rope, the heavier it’ll be and the more your grip will be challenged."

On Wednesday I decided to throw them in as super sets, and let me tell you, this is a great way to get your cardio up and to fatigue your muscles very quickly. If you aren't completely exhausted after this workout then you aren't training hard enough!

Round One

TRX push-ups 10-20 reps
SUPERSET TRX bicep curls 12-15 reps
SUPERSETBattle Rope: High alternating arms, 45 seconds to 1 minute
(Alternate arms fast making waves with ropes)
4 sets back to back

Round Two

Clap push-ups on a bench(or floor) 6-10 reps
SUPERSET Hammer curls 10 heavy, drop set 15 reps
SUPERSET Battle Rope: power slam 45 sec to 1 min
4 sets back to back

Round Three

Machine incline chest press heavy 6-8 reps, drop set 12-15 reps
SUPERSET Machine bicep curls 10-12 reps
SUPERSET Battle Rope: side warrior 45 sec each side
(Stand to the side holding ropes, lift and slam down, bend knees)
4 sets back to back

Round Four

Isometric bicep hold and curl 10 reps each side
SUPERSET TRX reverse fly
SUPERSET Battle Ropes: jumping jacks
(Hold rope while attempting jumping jacks)
4 sets back to back

Round Five

Bent over dumbbell reverse fly
SUPERSET ball plank with arm circles
SUPERSET ball mountain climbers
SUPERSET Battle Ropes: side to side waves 45 seconds
(Stand low and move ropes side to side)
4 sets back to back


- Angelique K