Why the Competition World is Broken

When I started competing in 2008, it was such a fun experience and a great goal! I used to be a very unhealthy individual. I used to eat blizzards for breakfast, and wouldn't ever move around for anything. No joke. I have been training for 15 years now, and wanted to show my hard work on stage.

Unfortunately competing can become very addicting, and I have now competed in 12 shows. I went years without celebrating my birthday, or my wedding anniversary, or even valentines day because I was on my diet and didn't even want one piece of chocolate. I am not the only person that has gone through this. I continually see this on Facebook and Twitter all the time with people dieting through Christmas or on their own wedding day because of a competition. And some of these people didn't even place top 5. So you didn't have a piece of your own wedding cake? Was it worth it now?

I started to not have fun anymore with competing at the end of 2010 when I decided to let my coach tell me how to eat. I didn't understand how 4 months earlier I won my figure short category at the WBFF Alberta Championships looking full and muscular, then SWFC in November, I looked stringy and skinny. I do know why now but that's a different topic.

2012 was my last straw. I saw what this coach was doing to other girls and I thought to myself "oh my god, this has been happening to me this whole time and I didn't even realize it!". Unfortunately this type of "coaching" is going on everywhere, and competitions are looked at as unhealthy and as a bad and obsessive goal.

These coaches ruined this industry and we need to fix it!

I have been on a rampage lately about bad coaches and what they are doing to these competitors bodies. Some of the things I have heard lately are horrendous and makes me want to punch one of these so called "competition coaches" in the face. Recently I was told from a girl that she even ended up in the hospital from severe dehydration after her competition, and ended up gaining 20 pounds in 2 days!

2 DAYS? There is something drastically wrong here.

Do your research! Don't pick a coach because they have letters behind their names. IFBB PRO DOESN'T MEAN SHIT! You don't know what they did to get ready for their competition. Just because a person is a "Pro", doesn't mean they know anything about anything.

Signs to look for in a bad coach:

1. They make their clients pay an atrocious amount of money before the prep begins
2. They can't give their clients answers to questions and get defensive
3. They tell their clients it's ok to take illegal substances, and try to sell them to you
4. They put their clients on 900 calorie diets and make them do hours of endless cardio
5. They accuse their clients of cheating on their diets when they can't seem to lose weight on their awful program
6. They say that metabolic damage doesn't exist
7. The coach barely pays any attention to their client
8. The coach gives all their clients the same cookie cutter diet
10. They make their clients pound back diuretics before the show
11. They make their clients drink 10 litres of distilled water, then cut all water the day before the show

These are just a few I can think of off the top of my head. Metabolic damage is very real people.
When you consistently eat below your basal metabolic rate, and you constantly put your body through hell with low carb diets, your body will adapt to this and soon your metabolic rate goes down. This means your metabolism will be sluggish and your body won't know what to do with carbs, and YOU WILL gain weight back very very fast after your competition. Is this worth a trophy? You aren't even guaranteed to place after all of this. A slow metabolism is very hard to fix, and it's a very long process. TRUST ME.

Distilled water is not meant to be consumed for a long period of time. Distilled water is empty water and prolonged usage will LEACH vital minerals and vitamins from the body. Anyone drinking distilled water for a long period of more than a few days should be taking a mineral and vitamin supplement. It is not recommend to drink distilled water permanently.

Back to bad coaching, my favourite topic. I have heard from girls that after their show, when their bodies rebounded horribly, their coach stopped talking to them. Wow. How uncaring can someone be? I try to give the best advice possible for my clients for post comp, and I do a follow up on them.

As for myself, I may or may not compete again. When I can feel like this is fun for me again, then I will do it. I will also continue to train people as healthy as possible without restricting too many calories, and with minimal cardio. And I will be brutally honest too. If I don't think a client of mine should go through with a competition for whatever reason, I will be telling them. And if they want to compete anyways, even if it means further destroying their bodies because of damage from their previous trainer, I will not be continuing services with that individual.

- Angelique K


  1. It is truly sad what is going on behind the scenes. Thank you for sharing your experience!

  2. Thanks for the comment. It really is sad. The worst part it that these women will do anything to place top 5, even if it means destroying their bodies. This industry used to be fun and motivating. Makes me sad


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