Unmotivated but Still Gettin' Er Done!

I have been feeling unmotivated these days, but I still managed to get my ass in gear and pump out a workout. I always know that I feel better later.

Today's workout of the day was a good one that took about 40 minutes, which was perfect for me today. I love how I can managed to get motivated when I really did not want to train at all.

Warm up 5 minutes on treadmill

10 sets of 5 unassisted reverse grip pull ups and SUPERSET 5 push-ups

10 sets and 10 reps of bent over rows (heavy enough to barely finish 10 reps)
SUPERSET 10 reps of straight arm lateral raises (yes this equals to 100 reps each!)

5 sets of 10 TRX wide rows SUPERSET 10 reps of bent over reverse fly

Down the rack lateral raises start at heaviest with bent arms and lifting elbows right up all the way down to lightest with straight arms,10 reps each
Break 2 minutes and start at lightest back to heaviest


- Angelique K