Adventures of MsFitBC: My Year in Review

I can't believe 2013 is over, seemed to go by so fast! And what a year I had!

2013 is the year that I left World Gym, the gym I was at for almost 5 years. I was heart broken at first because things went sideways over there. BUT I started at my new club, Global Fitness Kelowna! Best club in town hands down! I have worked at many different gyms in town, and this gym by far has the most to offer everyone: gym facility, group fitness, Crossfit, boot camps, tennis, squash, racket ball, yoga, the BEST trainers in town, and the best staff in town. Seriously, check it out!

2013 also started with a one month Costa Rica adventure for me. It was truly amazing.
We started in Playa del Coco, did a few day trips out from there to different beaches, went down to Playa Grande and Tamarindo, Playa San Miguel, Playa Coyote, inland to La Fortuna, back to the beaches of Manuel Antonio, Jaco, then back to Tamarindo. I wish I had at least one more week.

After our Costa Rica adventure, we stayed in Phoenix for 4 nights and relaxed. I can see why Canadians retire there.

In April we went to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico for one of my besties weddings. That was a great time! What a great wedding!

This year was finally the year I decided to hang up my stage shoes and do something that actually required athleticism. I finally competed at Femsport all women's strength challenge after talking about it for 2 years.

My girls and I took 2nd place in the novice category, and trust me we were all shocked. The look on our faces must have been priceless. I felt like I bombed a few of the events, and one of my girls took out the whole obstacle course. That was the best hahaha!

That was a tough challenge, and I realized how much I can physically put my body through, and trust me it was interesting. I physically couldn't walk after 50+ box jumps in 1min and a bit.

Best part was, I was chosen to be sponsored by Femsport and the Cory Holly Institute with their sports nutrition bursary. So awesome because I never win anything, and this bursary is going to be amazing for my career!

2 weeks later we were in New York for the first time, what a great city! This was a very busy and overwhelming city. We did a lot in our short visit out there including visiting Central Park, sailing by the statue of Liberty, and hanging out at 2am in Times Square.

Visited my family out in Montreal during the same trip. Good old Montreal! It's always nice to see my family because they live so far away.

To end my year, I went to Vegas with my family for Christmas. I loved going away for Christmas! Sign me up every year :)

2013 was a great year, lots of adventure and made lots of new friends, and I already have such great friends to begin with. I wouldn't change a thing and no regrets over here. Bring on 2014!

Angelique K