Food and Fitness While Traveling

Traveling for a long period of time can definitely throw you off your game. My first two days in Toronto was a lot of walking, not enough food, a little too much wine and no gym workout.

Finally I managed to do a hotel room workout, (find below), which inspired me to get into the gym the next day for a one hour upper body pump. I probably looked like a crazy person in the hotel gym, I was so excited! While everyone was running on the treadmill and I was doing pull ups, clapping bench push-ups and my famous lateral raise pyramid, amongst other things.

Hotel room workout

Eating out can be a challenge too, I always modify my food at restaurants, and this morning instead of eating out for breakfast, I just had Greek yogurt with a package of oatmeal that I bought the other day. I just find eating at restaurants for every meal is expensive and overrated. I like plain food, no fancy shit like "veal ravioli with enoki mushrooms, candied cippoline onions and bone marrow". What's an enoki mushroom and what's with the bone marrow? Yuck. This sounds like food for a super rich obese Texas oil tycoon who smokes cigars and swirl around their bourbon.

Anyways, maybe I am a food snob for the healthy eaters. I will keep you posted on my workouts and my food during my trip, and my mission to stay healthy and lean.

Now on to leg day.

- Angelique Kronebusch