Stay Fit On Vacation

So I am back from my Italy and France tour, which I still have to blog about my time in France, but I need to share with all of you about how I stayed in shape while I was on vacation!

Yes this is possible with a little bit of work and not going completely crazy on the food. Moderation people! 

Don't get me wrong, I tried many dishes that I don't usually eat in Canada, like pasta. I never eat pasta. It's something that doesn't appeal to me, but in Italy, at the right restaurant, this can be an AMAZING and delicious experience.

First of all, I didn't order a whole dish for myself. I shared. Honestly, this is better for everyone. Get a few dishes and share them, instead of pigging out and regretting it later. Order something with lots of protein and veggies and get your treat dish too. After all, you are on vacation!

I walked, a lot. Italy has a lot of stairs and uphill climbs. It was awesome! If you want to see the sights, you can't see them unless you walk there. Why would you rent a car and drive to the colosseum, unless you are actually really far from it? Makes no sense, and you should be saving your money for other things for your trip anyways.

I took the time to work out. I didn't focus on this, but I made sure I did something extra every other day, even if it was only for 25 minutes. This is especially helpful when you have been thrown off your regular routine, which obviously I was, and it really makes you feel off. I just felt better physically and mentally after doing a mini workout session.

Here is an example workout I did one day, which you will find the original workout on Kelowna Now.

All you need is a floor, a chair and an iPhone timer.

40 low pulsing squats
SUPERSET 20 push-ups
SUPERSET 10 burpees
8 sets

Water break

20 chair dips
SUPERSET 15 split squats (foot on chair)
SUPERSET 20 squats with side leg raises
SUPERSET 50 fast mountain climbers
5 sets

Water break


20 seconds work 10 seconds rest

Alternate between half burpees and jump squats

This workout was one of my longer ones, and took me 45 minutes to complete. I was determined not to have extra weight on me when I got back. I'm a constant motivator and want people to be fit and happy, and have fun too, but I want to keep people motivated above all else. That's my mission and my livelihood.

Doing this type of workout was not a big deal, and didn't put stress on the trip itself. It's no big deal, and trust me, you will be happy about it afterwards.

BUT, just remember, if you over indulge and don't stay somewhat active on your vacations, don't be shocked about the scale when you get home.

-Angelique Kronebusch


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