What Happened to the World

What is happening to the world?

What I mean is, why is there so much hate? The world is a beautiful place.

People bombing people, killing people, hating on their own kind.

People calling others names, discriminating, fighting, is peace so hard to find?

Children are raised to hate on others beliefs and skin color

Just because someone looks different, doesn't make them less than another.

Extremists bombing stadiums, gunning groups down and destroying their own towns

It's no wonder people are scared to leave their own ground.

Instead of communicating when there is a problem, hateful words are spoken

People hating on people, no wonder the world is broken.

Young girls grow up to hate how they look because someone may have called them ugly or a slut

So many sad souls hurting themselves over others opinions, tell me that's not f**ked up.

Does it really take that much for you to be kind to another person?

Tell me, just because you feel pissed off, doesn't give you the right to treat another person with disrespect or hate or anything else that you can relate to because I'm sure that has happened to you before. Why would you act the same way and IGNORE someone else's feelings when they cry for....compassion.

The world is a beautiful place that I have explored

Everyday I am excited to leave my front door.

I am looking forward to a new country to experience, to have adventures, to find amazing things

To find whatever else life brings.

Maybe if you start spreading love instead of hate

People will stop and think instead of retaliate.

Maybe there will one day be less wars, less fighting, less sadness.

Wouldn't it be nice to see less of this madness that is ruining this beautiful world we live in?

Try to spread more love, give hugs and be more thankful

Because one day you won't be here, you will miss this amazing world and feel regretful.