Why You Shouldn't Compete

It seems like every person I know is prepping for their first competition. Everywhere on social media there is a new hashtag directed to competing, like, " 3 weeks out" or "bikini athlete" or "dieting has me like...".

Seems like competing is as trendy as having the latest Lululemon pants or Coach purse. More common lately is girls that just joined the gym deciding that they will do a bikini competition.

Whatever reason you decide to do a competition, you should be asking yourself, "is this for me?"

Competitions are not like they used to be. I have seen the most conditioned people decide to do a competition and they train hard for 12-14 weeks and stand on stage with 10-15 people. Now people aren't conditioned, or they just started working out, or decide just to take some "supplements" and completely change their look in a matter of months, and stand up on stage with 30 other half conditioned people that don't even understand what a competition is all about. It's almost a joke.

Let us think about a few things before you decide to compete:

Are you ready to breathe and live for a competition?
Are you financially stable to support this new goal of yours?
Are you ready to give up parties, alcohol and sugar for this goal?
Are you ready to realistically train hard for at least 6 months?

Now how about these questions:
Do you have an eating disorder?
Do you have a body image issue and you think that competing will get you the body you want?
Do you really think your new body is maintainable?
Are you ready for the weight to come back after the competition?
Are you ready to see your abs slowly disappear after your competition?
Are you ok with people judging you and comparing you to others, and for those same people to tell you that you are not good enough in a bikini or shorts to place top 5?
Are you ok with knowing that you don't look good enough to place top 5?

Now to get even more brutal:
Is the competition going to make your eating disorder even worse than before?
How often are you going to train in the gym when you already destroyed your body from not eating and too much training?
Are you ready to potentially destroy your body for the rest of your life because you added more unhealthy habits to the ones you already had before?

What if you get sick? What if after your competition you end up in the hospital because your kidneys shut down? What if you didn't have any problems to begin with, but after training with your shitty trainer and eating low calories for 6-8 months, your body is screwed up and now your mental state is screwed up along with your new screwed up body?

These are all things I have seen, or dealt with, or even experienced personally. It is brutal. It is the ugly side of competing that no one dares to talk about because "how dare you say these things about our sport!" No one talks about the trainer that messed up their body, or how they got a "suck it up" attitude and decided to do whatever it takes to make it on stage. Eating 800 calories per day and doing 3 hours of cardio everyday is NOT healthy.

The last competition I did, which will definitely be my last, had me almost walk out. The shitty attitudes I saw with some of the competitors backstage was sickening. I have never seen so much testosterone go through at a tested event, and I am talking about the women. I walked in a conversation in the bathroom with 2 girls and how at their next competition they will be increasing their breast size because that is why they didn't place. Brutal.

I had some of my bikini girls lose their shit because their hair and makeup wasn't what they wanted it to be. These competitions can bring out the worst in the sweetest people you know, and I saw it. I was rattled. I had so many emotions going through me and so much stress, that I had the worst posing I have ever had in my life. It was like my first competition all over again.

I also saw the attitude of some of the girls backstage, the "I am better than everyone" attitude.
Very attractive. I wonder how the people in their lives really feel about them.

It's too bad that I am so turned off about competing, because I had the best prep I have ever had. No deprivation, no low carb diets, no low fat diets, and no craziness. I felt great. I leaned out by adding walks or hikes everyday. Doing things that I loved.

The good news is that I will be pushing my knowledge even harder to all my clients about the importance of being healthy, and the importance of treating your body with kindness. Low calorie, low carb, no fat diets are destroying people, and this nonsense needs to stop. Stop hurting yourself, you only have one body and you need to be good to it.


  1. 100% on par! I'm an IFBB pro and wow the competition world is tough. After never getting worse than top 5 ever, my first pro show landed me in 13th. Sucked. But thank goodness I do it to push myself for fun. This is not for everyone! Thank you for the artical!
    -Austin S

    1. Thanks for the feed back! As much as I used to love competing, its not for me anymore, but I am loving being a coach that focuses on health and wellness during competition prep!


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