Respect Yourself

People who know me know that I am all about female empowerment, treating others and yourself with respect. I love fit bodies and I applaud everyone that makes healthy transformations to their bodies. Healthy bodies equals healthy minds and healthy spirits.
What is NOT healthy these days is the garbage going around on social media. Below is a post I made on my public page.
Angelique Kronebusch
On Instagram, an account which I will remain nameless is following me. I decided to look through it and basically it's porn on Instagram.
If you are proud of your fit and hot bodies, and want to post a bikini picture or a workout picture, that's ok! But girls, if you want any respect in life, please don't be sharing and posting pictures of your lady parts for everyone to see. That shit will haunt you for the rest of your life. You won't become an overnight sensation or show any respect for yourself, and no one will respect that either.
Tell me when a highly respected company will hire you because you posted and shared a picture of your butt in a thong on your bed bent over. Maybe I'm wrong? Stay classy ladies!


I'm telling you, DON'T fall into this trap of showing your ass for the world to see, unless this is a career you want to pursue. THIS WILL NOT MAKE YOU FAMOUS OR A FITNESS MODEL. PERIOD. One day you will look back at these pictures and think "oh my god what was I thinking". What if you apply to be a teacher and they google you on the internet and you don't get the job because you posted inappropriate pictures 10 years ago? What if you land that dream job at the law firm and no one respects you or takes you seriously because a random picture of you and your butt pops up on Instagram, you know, the one you forgot about because you were drunk and decided to send it to "Hot Instagram Booties" just because you were mad at your ex boyfriend?

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Don't do it, this shit will bite you in the ass and embarrass you down the road. Just like my client said this morning on this topic, "if you wouldn't show your parents, then don't post it on the internet". Those pictures are there forever and will never go away. Plus, you don't know who is looking at your pictures and saving them to their computer...