The Perfect Body

What is the perfect body type? Skinny and lean or skinny and soft? Muscles and curves or straight and no muscle? Big round bum or tiny little bum? Big breasts or tiny perky ones?

We live in a society that women feel pressured to look a certain way. We spend thousands on hair, makeup, clothes, supplements, breast implants, eye lash extensions, nails, botox, you name it. We live in a society that expects instant results, and money can buy most of it.

Through marketing, companies can influence the way a person may think about themselves just to buy their products. As female consumers, supplements for instance, overwhelm us with many promises of magic pills to lose weight, increase energy, reverse aging and muscle gains. We get confused, overwhelmed, and doubtful that anything will work because we go through life trying to sort it all out with little to no understanding of these products. It becomes a chaotic merry-go-round.

In a world where we have no patience for results or dedication, we try to move to quick solutions which never get us anywhere. Then some of us take it to a more detrimental place because they have not claimed acceptance of themselves within. Then starts the low calorie diets, anorexic behaviour, bulimia, hours of cardio, plastic surgery and steroid use.

These are the people who fail to recognize themselves as anything but good enough.

As females, we consistently strive to be beautiful and to feel good about ourselves. It's normal. But sometimes things are taken too far. We expect more from ourselves, we expect to look tighter, to have better abs, to have smaller legs, we push ourselves and push ourselves, only to fall in the pattern of self-sabotage.

We push our bodies into exhaustion and destruction, only to do more. We feel we could have worked out longer or pushed harder during our run, and we fail to see the signs of self-abuse.

Body image in our culture has become to represent who we are and who we will be, and if we are good enough or desirable enough.


It is time to stop picking ourselves apart and to appreciate what we have and what we look like. No one is perfect and no one has the perfect body. That is just ridiculous and impossible. In fact its down right stupid. It is time to stop the self-abuse, the negative talk, the self-sabotage and it is time to start giving yourself the respect you deserve. Life is too short to be negative about yourself and life is too short to have negativity all around you. Get rid of it, throw it out like trash. Start taking care of yourself. Start eating better, exercise in a positive way, look at food as your friend and smile more.

Recognize yourself as a winner and you will win every time.