Yam and Broccoli Soup

I guess I'm on a soup kick these days. I am finding that there are so many delicious recipes that are super easy to make and can take no more than half an hour to prep, boil, blend and serve. Having left overs for lunch is also a great thing!

I am not necessarily a broccoli fan, but in a soup it is amazing!

Here is my recipe for my super easy yam and broccoli soup

3 yams, cubed
1 small broccoli head, chopped
1/2 an onion
1 box vegetable broth(no yeast, no msg, no guar gum)
1 tbsp thyme and basil
1 can full fat coconut milk(no guar gum or preservatives)

Boil all ingredients together until yams are soft, about 20 minutes. Take off the burner and cool slightly before blending. Blend or use a Braun hand mixer then add coconut milk and blend. Now eat 😃

-Angelique Kronebusch