Be Grateful

There are many people that complain about a lot of useless things that do not matter in life, that's just human nature. It's in us to complain. Sometimes things make us mad and we need to vent, and venting can be good because keeping things bottled up can be bad for us as well.

But the problem is, people complain too much and are way too negative. I don't have time for negativity anymore. When people are constantly negative around me, I feel like my energy is getting sucked out by a giant leech. It's a horrible and down right yucky feeling, and nobody has time for that. We need to check ourselves before we wreck ourselves, because it's bad for our health. Word.

When we have a bad day, we need to take a step back and think about what could always be worse. A client of mine was chatting about that with me the other day, and she said her mother would always ask her what would be worse, and dying is always the worst thing that could happen. So did you die? Probably not hey?

When we complain about being too busy at work, we should be grateful that we ARE busy and not struggling. Some people don't even have a job. When we complain that we have a crappy car, be happy that you have one. Some people will never afford a car and will forever take the bus or ride their bike or have to catch rides with other people. When we complain that our knees or ankles or feet hurt, be happy that you can actually walk and take advantage of your limbs. Some people don't have legs. When we complain that we feel sick, just be happy you don't have cancer or some sort of illness that is ruining your life and making everyone's lives hell around you. That would be much worse.

What is worse is when a child gets sick and spends their lives in the hospital. What is worse is watching a loved one die from cancer. What is worse is when your life is over in a horrible accident just like that. What is worse is loved ones crying because you were taken away from them too soon. That is what I call worse.

I came to a realization today, I always have huge expectations about my body. I always want more muscle, I always want to be more jacked, I get irritated when others see faster results than me. What I realized today, I look damn good for having a thyroid issue. No one would believe me if they knew. I should be grateful that I have been training hard and eating healthy most of my life, and I should be grateful that I look the way I do.

I feel like my fitness journey has not only been for me to help others achieve a fit and healthy lifestyle, I feel like my fitness journey was for this very moment in my life. I realized that things can be much worse and thank goodness that I have had fitness in my life for a long time. This is what has kept me healthy. I'm lean, I feel good, I have muscles and I love training hard. I have 6 pack abs, something I have been trying hard to get since I started training 16 years ago. I'm a happy girl. I'm grateful! Now I can help other people with autoimmune diseases. Everything is always for a reason and a purpose.

If your head hurts, take an Advil. If you don't have enough money, work more. If you are mad that you put on 20 pounds, start eating better and start exercising. If you are upset that your place is a mess, take 15 minutes a day and clean something. If you are upset with your friends, talk to them about it. If you are feeling sick all the time, demand test and demand explanations. Things can always be much worse. Be grateful that they are not.


  1. Thanks for writing this. I also have been questioning my complaints in life after I lost a good friend in a car accident last month.

    1. Those are the moments that make you realize the little things don't matter. Sorry about your loss, that's very hard to deal with!


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