Don't Lose Yourself

Fitness is the most wonderful thing that I decided to pursue in my life. Not just as a career, but as a part of my daily life. If it wasn't for fitness, I would be afraid of what my body would be like right now. With my recent health issues, I sometimes would picture a broken down body, out of shape, can't even walk up the stairs and being depressed and not even 40 yet. That to me is not living, and thank goodness that is not my outcome.

Everyone needs to learn how to move. You don't have to go to the gym because there are many different activities you can try that will keep you fit and healthy. For instance, there is yoga, walking, basketball, volleyball, swimming, hiking, biking, etc. The list can go on and on.

With fitness comes competitive sports. People love competitions. It's a great way to stay motivated and focused on your fitness goals, but with certain types of competitions, like bodybuilding events, many people will lose themselves during the process. They completely lose control and lose sight of why they are doing this in the first place, and it's not a good thing.

People will crash diet, do too much cardio, start taking illegal supplements, get obsessed and over train and not think of the consequences. They will do anything it takes to get skinny or put on muscle, and not even think twice about it. No one seems to think of long term when it comes to their body anymore and it's frightening. There are terrible things in our food and our environment that is making us sick, and then we go in the gym where it's supposed to be a place for health, and turn that all into shit as well.

Girls, do you realize your long term crash dieting, too much cardio and over training can ruin your body? Your metabolism will go down the drain, along with your hormones, adrenal glands and thyroid. If you start doing drugs, you may not be able to have children. Yes this is a thing, IT IS REAL. I'm not sure if this is why my thyroid is not functioning properly now, or why I became severely anemic, but could very well be from my years of crash dieting and too much cardio. If I could tell my former self to smarten the fuck up, I would have. I would have grabbed my head and slapped it hard. If I knew I wouldn't get charged with assault, I would be doing this to a few girls in my club right now. I would be slapping people left, right and centre and dropping the People's Elbow down on some skulls.

Wake up and smell prescription drugs because THIS IS YOUR FUTURE if you don't smarten up.

Don't lose yourself in your fitness journey. Fitness is supposed to enhance life, and make life amazing because being fit and healthy won't hold you back from doing anything you want. Fitness is not supposed to make you sick. You shouldn't develop anorexia because you think that will make you fit. You shouldn't screw up your adrenal glands because you were trying to be fit. Your metabolism shouldn't crash because you were trying to be fit. This isn't right, and doesn't sound right.

My last few competitions, I did things right for myself. I felt great. I didn't feel starved or deprived or sluggish. But what I did feel was obsessed. I started obsessing with everything I did again. I started losing myself again. No competition is worth that, life is more than this. I love life, and I plan on living it hard doing the things I love. And you should too.

Life is amazing