Fitness for a Healthy Mind

It's pretty normal, we all bring part of our stress upon ourselves. 
More than half of us deal with stress that literally keeps us up at night, and 20 percent of people  have already been diagnosed with anxiety or depression.
We find ourselves drained, comparing our successes to Instagram filters, crying to our mothers in the midst of self-proclaimed mid-life crisis and paying an arm and a leg for some halfway decent counseling just to cope with it all.
But, it doesn’t have to be this way.
While it’s okay and necessary to seek professional help, we are often capable of working through things on our own, but we just don’t give ourselves the fighting chance or even try.
Maybe the reason we are constantly reverting to childish behaviours and destructive actions is because we haven’t forced ourselves to dig deep and solve problems on our own.
Because we haven’t forced true self-discovery when sh*t really does hit the fan, we simply regress, forge happiness in a half-full life instead of truly healing.
Lately I have had some major stress in my life and I decided to start sprinting at the Apple Bowl. I haven't been a runner for years, but one day, I woke up with the sun shining through my blinds, and decided I was tired of feeling stressed.
Desperate to cure my stress, I laced up my Nikes, drove to the track, put on my headphones and started running.
I have been doing this 2-3 times per week all summer.
Each system in our bodies is connected; every piece of food that we eat and every movement we make affects us in ways we can’t see. Studies have shown that physical activity is an asset in combating depression and mental illness, although it remains sidelined as a viable option for treatment.
Physical activity can shift your thinking in directions you wouldn’t naturally gravitate toward, which can lead you to conclusions, decisions and revelations all on your own.
Dig deep, find your goals, identify your problems and discover solutions. After all, taking a break from the outside world to focus on yourself might be just what the doctor ordered.

Get outside, go for a run, hike, swim, or do some outdoor yoga to help relax your mind and spirit. I always tell my clients if they just stick with working out and keeping the body healthy, this will probably help 75 percent of their stressors in life. So get out there and move.


  1. ☯Outstanding positive & powerful advice that has also been my lifelong mantra, esp helpful to revisit & reconfirm these affirmations in tough times☯💪✌


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