Kettlebell Circuit

(Also posted on Kelowna Now and Global Fitness)

Need a Monday workout? Switch it up and try a kettlebell workout!  

  1. Single Arm Kettlebell Squat (10 reps each side): Rest a kettlebell on your shoulder with your elbow high as you keep your core tight and lower into a squat. Repeat for 10 reps on one side and then swap the kettlebell to the other side and repeat for 10 reps. 

  1. Single Arm Row (12 reps each side): In a plank position, row for 12 reps on one side, keeping your elbow tucked in and core tight, and then swap to the other side for 12 more reps. (try not to come down in between from your plank!) 

  1. Single Side Reverse Lunge (12 reps each side): Hold the kettlebell at your chest level (keep your chest up!) and step back into a reverse lunge making sure to keep the focus on your front heel and use your glutes to power up back to standing. Repeat 12 reps on the SAME side and then switch to the other leg. 

  1. Single Side Dead Bugs (10 reps each side): Hold a kettlebell stationary in one hand and start with legs and arms up. Drop your opposite hand and opposite leg, keeping your core tight, and them bring back to your starting position. Repeat 10 on one side and then switch to the other side. Make sure to keep your back pressed into the floor to really engage the core! 

  1. Single Arm Kettlebell Swing (12 reps each side): With feet a bit wider than hip-distance apart. Grab the handle with one hand, maintain a slight bend to the knee and drive the hips back, lowering the body—but not too low (this isn't a squat!). Then, in a fluid motion, explosively drive the hips forward while swinging the kettlebell, keeping the glutes and core engaged. Remember: The motion should come from the hips, not the arms, as the body returns to standing. Lower the weight back down between the legs and alternate arms, keep this swinging motion going for 12 to 15 reps. 

Repeat this all for 5 rounds total for a full body and simple at home or in the gym workout!