Rock Your Dress Workout

Also posted on Kelowna Now

The holiday season is on its way, which means more get togethers and parties which require dressing up for the occasion. If you aren't feeling confident about wearing a dress, or you just want to look your best for a special party, here is a workout to get you feeling fit and in shape for your sexy holiday dress.

Make sure you warm up and stretch properly before beginning!

Squat and shoulder press 15 reps
SUPERSET jump squats 15 reps
3 sets

Machine chest press 15 reps

SUPERSET renegade row 20 reps
3 sets

Alternating reverse lunges with bicep curls 20 reps
SUPERSET ball hamstring curls 15 reps
3 sets

Front/side shoulder raises 20 reps
SUPERSET alternating jumping lunges 20 reps
3 sets

Alternating curtsy lunges 20 reps

Burpees 10 reps
3 sets

Finish with a 20 minute uphill climb on the treadmill