My Year So Far!

Hey all! I have been MIA for so many reasons. For starters, I have been travelling like crazy with my fiancee and having a blast!

Obviously people who know me know my life has changed. I finally met the love of my life, I am close to being in remission with my hashimoto's disease and my man and I are looking into buying property in Nicaragua. I am also the proud part share owner and sales rep for a local supplement company, Bluvos.

I also have been MIA because my first night in Nicaragua in January, an employee of the hotel I was staying at ripped off my laptop. That was quite the exciting way to start my trip(more like a pain in my ass). My laptop was never recovered and I honestly just bought a new one. I was pretty much being a cheapskate and didn't want to spend money. I finally realized I miss writing so here I am.

Nicaragua was quite the adventure, so much so that my fiancee and I decided to go back a second time this year. We decided to look into property as well as travel on our own. We had some crazy adventures on this second trip, including hiking a very dangerous volcano in Ometepe, fishing in San Jan Del Sur and hanging out with monkeys in Granada.

Half way up Concepcion in Ometepe 
Sunset at Playa Yankee in San Juan Del Sur

I have travelled a lot. Nicaragua felt like home to me. I don't know if its because I felt like a local since we spent nearly two months there, or if it was my company. Could be both ;)

Surfing at Playa Hermosa

Caught a Tuna in San Juan Del Sur

I also made some big changes to my career. I decided this year to let go writing for Kelowna Now. It was a tough decision but I wanted to concentrate on my travel writing. Also I decided to move on from Global Fitness. I was there for four years so that was a really hard decision to make, but the right one. I am burnt out being a trainer in the gym. I am burnt out being a competition coach. I decided to do my own thing be a mobile trainer and train people at their houses. It has been fun so far and fun is what I needed from this career. When the time comes, there will only be a select few that I will train in the future for bodybuilding events.

I also decided to put 100% focus in my new business and new partners at This supplement was originally designed for gamers, but my fiancee and I decided to target the fitness world as well as shift workers and anyone that needs an extra boost during the day. Why do I love Bluvos? With all natural ingredients, I am confident taking this with my autoimmune disease. Also I have never experienced a crash and burn like a lot of energy supplements out there. The energy from Bluvos lasts a long time while giving you the focus you need for demanding tasks like squatting heavy, working hard all day or driving long distance. Bluvos is great for everything! Click here to check it out.

Rockin' my Bluvos leggings

Knox Mountain Park

We recently just visited San Francisco. We had a great time but what a strange place. Keep an eye out for my next travel article on this unique and interesting city.

Golden Gate Bridge

View of the city from Alcatraz

Also I am planning a wedding! Yes I am getting married again. I want to marry the man that I will always have non-stop adventures with. When you know you can't be without someone, all those crazy decisions you have made will feel right. Love feels right. Finally :)
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I am looking forward to new adventures and goals. Keep an eye out, we have just started.


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