Exercise and Pregnancy

Hey everyone!

I decided to write this article because I have had so many worried messages from soon to be mothers concerned about continuing their exercise routine, especially during their first trimester.

Mom's don't worry! We have enough things to worry about during pregnancy: the nausea, no appetite, no energy, feeling fat, feeling not in control of your body just to name a few.

Don't stop what you love doing! You are not fragile!

If you have worked out this whole time, there is no need to concern yourself unless there actually is some sort of medical issue. YOU WILL NOT HARM YOUR BABY AT ALL. The problems you may face during exercise while pregnant are issues with your own body, like taking a million pee breaks during your workout, feeling exhausted or feeling not as strong as usual. This is all normal, we are growing a human and it is a lot of work for your body.

Our babies are lucky enough to float around in the amniotic fluid and they will just be doing their thing in there. Baby doesn't know what's going on. Being paranoid is just going to make things worse for you and the baby. I 100% believe that the baby can feel negative energy, so we need to keep it away and stay positive and focused. It's so important!

Here are my tips to stay fit and healthy during your pregnancy!

Baby and me at the gym

1. If you work out regularly, don't stop! There is NO reason for you to stop what you are doing. Just listen to your body. If something feels uncomfortable, just don't do it. It is important to stick with your routine, especially weight training. You will bounce back faster keeping muscle on your body, and you also need those muscles to carry your baby and everything else you have to carry.

2. DO CARDIO! Your lungs will thank you when the baby is pushing everything up into your throat. Trust me that's how you will feel. Cardio is the only thing that temporarily relieved this for me.

3. If you don't work out, start. It is very important to stay active during pregnancy to avoid too much weight gain and gestational diabetes. Start walking, hiking, yoga or a light weight routine 3x per week. Squats are really important to keep your core muscles strong during pregnancy. Trust me, you will thank yourself if you stay active!

Couples workout with Scott Viala at Global Fitness

4. MAKE HEALTHY FOOD CHOICES! While we are pregnant, we need to keep that thought out of our heads that it's ok to eat whatever we want. THIS IS NOT OK. What you eat, the baby eats too. If you eat sugar all day everyday, so is your baby. Choose the right foods like protein, healthy fats, and carbs like veggies and fruit. There is a difference between indulging everyday and indulging here and there. I like treats too, but I like feeling healthy more. I love the thought that my baby is getting the proper nutrition through my body. Makes me feel like a good mom :)

Two ingredient coconut cookies!

5. DO NOT EAT FOR TWO. Eating for two is an old school way of thinking. Your baby doesn't really start growing until the third trimester. If you eat for two, that would equal two grown humans

Think about it this way: the average woman eats 1500 calories. Do you really want to eat 3000 calories per day? Unless you burn a lot of calories working out in the gym and staying active all day long, this is not the right way to go. Your body only needs an extra 300 calories per day while pregnant. Don't give yourself excuses to eat ice cream and cookies everyday.

6. Make sure you take your prenatal vitamins! The baby literally takes everything from you. It is important to take these vitamins, not only for baby but for you as well. ESPECIALLY if you have horrible morning sickness like I did. I couldn't eat a thing.

Prenatal vitamins have the proper vitamins and minerals to keep your body, thyroid and hormones stable, like selenium for your thyroid, iron, folic acid, zinc, B6, and biotin for your hair. I have a lot of hair and it won't stop growing. I could be a real-life Rapunzel.

7. It's ok to take a break! If you are super active like I am, don't beat yourself up if you just can't do it. I had a hard time with this at the beginning and was upset when I literally couldn't do a thing.

I realized quickly that was my body's way of telling me to slow down. I never experienced this sort of crash before, so it was hard to take. It's a crazy feeling when you go from having a ton of energy, working out hardcore in the gym followed by a hike then going home to cook and clean and run a business and stay up late, to your body basically telling you off and then you can't get off the couch. It happens.

8. TAKE OTHERS ADVICE WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. You have NO idea how many times I wanted to tell people to go get bent. I was told so many terrible things based on the way I look. Women should not do that to other women, we are paranoid enough during this time. It is NOT RIGHT for someone to give you a negative opinion based on what their experience was while they were pregnant. Everyone is different and everyone has a different experience during pregnancy.

But to be fair, I have had a lot of positive feedback as well. I have motivated a lot of people and inspired women to be the healthiest that they can be. That's what I love doing, and will continue doing always.

So don't fret ladies! Keep doing your thing, stay focused on your health and your baby's health, make the right choices and keep moving forward. Do the best you can do, and when you do, you will feel great about your choices, and you will feel great about keeping your baby as healthy as possible!