Why is the Thought of Labor So Scary?

Hey all! Today I decided to blog about something I have ZERO CLUE ABOUT...



I know I know, don't be scared. "We are meant to do this" they tell me. "You are a flower" my mother says to me. GASP

I use the word 'birthing' because that is what it is. It is a scary word to me so I need to use it. Trust me, I have been thinking about all of this since the day I saw double lines on my pregnancy test and threw it at my husband's face (true story, sorry babe). I have been doing research ever since to figure out how to make this all work for me, as best as possible.

Labor is fueled by the hormone Oxytocin. This hormone is a feel good hormone  that acts as a neurotransmitter in the brain. It regulates social interaction and sexual reproduction, playing a role in behaviors from maternal-infant bonding and milk release to empathy, generosity, and orgasms! Whooo! 

Our amazing bodies are meant to birth children, we were designed for it. We have the hormones for it. So why does labor hurt so bad? 

We have been implanted in our minds that labor is horrible and painful, and I have no doubt in my mind that it very well could be. I'm sure everything during labor and birthing is not pleasant to see, especially all the liquids, blood and other fun things that expel the body during this process. Ewww. The things women go through, my goodness.


Women have the choice to use narcotics as a means to get through the intense physical labor, which is totally fine. But I feel that most of us believe that this is what we have to do regardless, even though epidurals sometimes make the whole process WORSE! It can slow things down for some women. That sounds scary as well.

Labor is designed on a chemical hormonal level to feel good because of the release of Oxytocin, the magical hormone that I mentioned earlier. Our muscles are designed to do this job perfectly, so why is it when labor becomes so unbearable that it makes women scream for drugs? Could it be because something might have gone wrong or feels wrong, or the fear took over completely and the brain received that message?

The uterus needs lots of oxygen and blood in order to do its job, so if that blood supply is reduced, then the muscle will struggle, which will cause a lot of pain. For example, just like doing a bicep curl over and over, blood supply starts to lower and your bicep will start to burn and hurt from lower levels of blood and oxygen. That's what happens in the uterus during contractions and labor. 

So what if there was a way to relax and make sure that blood and oxygen remains in the uterus? 

Below are some ideas that I have been researching, and some I have been looking into for a long time. In no way am I saying this is the right way for everyone, these are just my ideas that may work for me, that suits my personality, and that I may or may not be trying out.  I will definitely be blogging about all of this and sharing my experience after little Charlie arrives. 


It is very nourishing, especially for the Pregnant or Nursing Mama. It stimulates your system for optimal health by increasing mineral absorption, building your blood supply, and maximizing the health of your liver. This tea may prevent or minimize many common pregnancy complaints. It may also prevents possible complications during birth and postpartum by promoting proper contractility of the uterus, which facilitates release of the baby and placenta, preventing a long labor.  

Nora tea is also high in vitamins, high in magnesium, potassium, iron and calcium. Also Nora tea is supposed to help with milk production. 


Keep working out! Studies have shown that performing squats regularly helps reduce labor pain, helps keep your core muscles strong which helps with labor, possibly making labor shorter that average.

Working out helps stretch out your lower back, helps strengthen your pelvic floor, and it is also a good birthing position which helps open up your pelvic floor to make birthing easier. Working out increases Oxytocin, which we all know by now that it is the magical hormone in our body that makes people love working out and addicted to exercise ;)


I just read about this today. Evening Primrose is supposed to help soften things up in our special baby area, which helps to get things going. Evening primrose should be used around 37-38 weeks. You need to insert it. Yes.


Just in case the hospital doesn't have an extra stability ball, I will be bringing mine. Sitting, bouncing a bit, moving your hips in circles helps to open up the pelvis, helps baby to drop down, it can help relieve back pain, pelvic and hip pain.


Is Hypnobirthing the answer to keep blood flow and oxygen in the right areas during labor? Hypnobirthing techniques have shown to keep you in a calm state with your body and mind. Makes sense that a relaxed body would be easier during labor because a tense body will have trouble delivering a baby. This may be a good way to ensure proper breathing techniques as well to help keep blood flow in the uterus. 

Hypnobirthing is something I will be practicing, because frankly, giving birth frightens me. I do not want to go into the hospital feeling this way. I need to be in a calm state, because calm is not one of my greatest attributes. When we become frightened, everything seems worse and horrible, regardless of what it is. If you think labor and delivery will hurt, then it will definitely hurt, and probably a lot. I expect pain and discomfort, but I believe that it can be controlled to a certain extent.

Please feel free to comment if you have tried any of these yourself! I would love some comments and ideas shared for myself and others. I am not a professional in this department by all means and just wanted to share my thoughts, which may be useful to some of my readers. I know how muscles work, how breathing works, how muscle contractions work, all through 20 years of training and bodybuilding in the gym. This is the reason why some of these ideas make a lot of sense to me.

I am determined to have a calm and relaxing drug free birth. I am well aware that birthing plans may not go as expected, but I'm going to try my best to have things go my way during this whole process, keeping this as a positive experience rather than a scary one!


  1. I gave birth three times the natural way with no drugs. Staying calm is a great plan!! Best wishes to you Angelique.


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