Fitness and Health for your Family

I recently read a post on twitter by a social media influencer that caused a lot of attention in twitterland. The post was about letting your health and fitness go during marriage. I must say, this post was a little harsh and got some backlash, but to be honest, I understood the harsh points that he was trying to make. One of his points was about how being unfit and unhealthy is bad for your marriage and your family.

As a fitness enthusiast, I cannot imagine my husband letting himself go on purpose. Fitness and health is important to me and I need this in my life everyday in some form. If my husband decided to stop working out, I would be devastated! But I am fortunate that my husband loves fitness and we workout together everyday💪

This is exciting for me because we have a little girl on the way, and it's important to me that she begins an active lifestyle at a young age. This is a good habit to install in your kids at a young age so they remain active as teens and adults. I am happy that my only child will have both of her parents taking her on fun activities which will keep her motivated and active. I am excited to go on active family vacations and take her snorkeling, kayaking or rock climbing. This will help develop her in so many ways as she is growing up.

Staying fit and healthy has a lot of benefits, especially if you have a family. You cannot take care of your family properly if you are always sick, or have some sort of illness that is actually debilitating. I believe this 100% because I have seen this many times over the years as a personal trainer, and it's sad.

The other thing that is common, and have personally seen unfortunately, are families being destroyed over jealousy. Someone's husband or wife decides to take their health seriously and joins a gym. A few months later, this person looks better than ever and their spouse gets jealous instead of appreciating their hard work, which causes stress and chaos instead of happiness. Unfortunately this type of insecurity is very damaging.

If your husband or wife takes their health seriously, you should be supportive of them and inspired, and not shoot them down and call them arrogant. Being fit and healthy has nothing to do with being arrogant, and there is nothing wrong with looking better. If you don't want to jump on the health and fitness wagon, perhaps just keep your opinions to yourself and be supportive of your spouse.

So why should health and fitness be a priority for you and your family?

It Sets a Good Example for your Kids

Lets face it, kids are lazy these days. With the ever growing technology world, kids have all sorts of gadgets to keep them busy. I am okay with this for communication purposes, but if kids are always on their phones or iPad, they WILL be sedentary. Kids need more encouragement now more than ever to be active.

Maybe a cool idea is to start weekly activities where your whole family is involved, and everyone gets a chance to pick a what they want to do. Maybe your child is curious about your gym sessions and just wants to go to the gym with you. You can set up days when they can join your workout routine. Also it is beautiful out! Take advantage of the summer months by trying some new fun activities like stand up paddle boarding or kayaking!

Fitness Promotes Good Work Ethic

If a parent is lazy with their health, it will rub off on kids, and we all know that kids will mimic their parents. If you made some time even 3x per week for walks or the gym, you will feel more refreshed, more energized and way more motivated. This kind of positive energy will rub off on your kids 100%. If you take your health seriously and keep fit, this will show in every aspect of your life. You will work harder at your job and at home and your kids will see this.

Keeping Fit Helps your Whole Family Because you are Healthy!

Your lifestyle is important in many ways. If you constantly have an unhealthy lifestyle for years at a time, things like sickness and disease can happen. You cannot take care of your family properly if your visits to the doctor are continually increasing. Eat right, stay off the sugar and alcohol, move more and you will be a rock star with little effort because you will feel overall healthier.

Staying Fit Helps in the Bedroom 

Studies have shown that working out boosts testosterone and blood flow which boosts sex drive. This means some body parts will work better.....and lets face it, we all feel sexier naked if we feel good about ourselves.

Feeling like crap about yourself is not a good thing, so doing something about the way you feel is a good decision. So don't diss your significant other about their dedication to the gym. Maybe you should think of joining them. This could benefit your life at home where you can both be spicy together 😁