Gym Etiquette

Recently, I have been struggling getting to the gym because, to be honest, my hormones are making me very moody. VERY MOODY. I am getting upset over EVERYTHING. It upsets me when I find the time or energy to workout, and my workout takes me 3 hours because I keep getting interrupted.

It's tough because I like a lot of people at my gym, so I do want to talk to them, but I am struggling with my emotions because I just want to get my workout done! I'm at the last stages of my pregnancy here, I'm lucky to even get out of bed at this point. So I value and treasure my workouts 100%.

Today I decided to go really early, hoping that I could get my workout done and move on with my day without the usual crowd around. WELL THAT DID NOT HAPPEN. My workout was interrupted multiple times, and a few times by the same person! I felt very upset because going to the gym at 730am this morning was a big deal for me today! I left in a bad mood instead of feeling on top of the world like I usually feel after a workout.

I decided that I would post an article about gym etiquette, because frankly, some people don't think. Maybe some of these things aren't a big deal to one person, but it for some, it could literally ruin their whole day.

Below are gym etiquette rules that go beyond not cleaning the sweat off of your machine or dropping weights.

Keep the chatting to a minimum

It's fine to say hi to people and ask them how they are, but don't expect them to stand there while you tell them all about your crazy weekend or work drama for the next 20 minutes. This person is most likely not trying to be rude to you and really just wants to finish their workout. Maybe they can only squeeze in a 40 minute one because they have a jam-packed day. Don't assume that they have all the time in the world because they probably don't. They are probably crying inside.

Do NOT continually interrupt someone's workout

This is just not cool. You already interrupted someone's set to tell them a story that you think is funny. Don't do it again. And you should feel stupid if you do it a third time.

It's not cool to walk in on another conversation

Maybe two friends are working out together and talking during their workout. They appear to be talking about something serious, but still working out. Maybe it's a business chat.....and you walk in on their conversation and completely interrupt not only the workout, but the actual conversation. Just because they are talking, doesn't mean that they aren't working. This isn't a good way to make gym friends.

Stop asking pregnant women at the gym a million questions

We are hormonal. We just want to workout. Please don't bother us. You might get your head ripped off.

If headphones aren't taken off, it means serious gym business

If you see a person at the gym and you wave, and they have their headphones on, it's ok for them to wave and keep going. It most likely means that they NEED to get their workout done, or they are super motivated and want to workout in peace. Don't expect them to start a conversation unless they are really good friends with you. They are not being rude, they are just focused on their workout. These people are generally the people that swear at you inside their head when you do interrupt them.

What lesson did I learn today? Earlier is not better and the usual gym crowd that I generally run into are cool people that I like to talk to. I will keep laying in bed at 730am drinking my coffee and watching Dragon's Den. Gym can wait 😙